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Hey Lizzie

You and I should get together and jam out to some fucking Zepplin, dude. Or we could get Stan to join in, he has a fairly decent singing voice.

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You and me?

Okay, I guess. As long as we can play 'Tangerine' and 'Black Dog'. And I'm only playing acoustic until this thunderstorm passes.

Kenny ain't bad at singing either.. hm.

I could always sing, but someone else would have to do the drumming thing.

I can't drum for a fuck. All I know how to play is guitar.

Fuckin' a, he's hired then.

kick ass. Should I get Stan and tell him that we're having a jam session? He can also do the bass thing.

Go for it. I'll grab Kenny and I might bring Thomas along, too..

But how are we gunna do it if you're locked up in solitary off where ever the fuck you and whoretits are?

Man, please. These sons of bitches are fucking rent a cops. We got one pervert hanging out that watches from the outside too busy oogling Bebe to watch to see if anyone is coming right for us. If he isn't watching us then he's fucking sleeping.

I mooned him the other day. It was priceless.

We don't even fuckin' know where you are though. Gunna need some directions or something.

And why would anyone wanna oogle Bebe? Your rent-a-pig has terrible taste. But at least he's slack, that works for me.


South Park motel on the outskirts of town.

I like oogling Bebe, thank you. I know you don't like her, but I do.

Sorry man :D

Re: [Private to Lizzie]

Wow, that's.. rural. :\ They really went all out, huh?

I never said you had good taste.

You aren't sorry.

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