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Hanging out with Stan, Kyle and Ken today. Smell you geeks later

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Straight mother fucking A's bitches. Hoshit.

I exempted all of my finals, but I took my A&P final anyway. Aced it, of course. Loved that fucking class.

I'm doing a bit better. It's still hard to enter my room and not see him everywhere, but I'm managing. I'm slowly starting to wash, fold and put away all of his clothes. I moved his cologne to the bathroom and shoved it to the back of some drawer. I put his cigarettes elsewhere and I washed my sheets and stuff.

Slowly, but surely, it's becoming my room again.

I made up with Kenny, too. I got him a new BFF necklace.

I'm eating again...though I have incentive to bulk up. Not sure if I wanna do that yet. I think I'll just stay healthy looking. I don't need much muscle. I'm...satisfied with my appearance.

Life has just much brighter since he got arrested. I feel like...relieved, almost? Free? I should feel bad for saying it, but...I really don't. He deserves to be where he is...even if it was my lie that made him be that way. He always was a bad kid, which is why they believed us and not him when the lie was told. He probably would have ended up in juvie eventually, even without my help.

And, as much as we deserved some sort of punishment for doing that to him, we did not deserve what we got.

I love him. I really do.

But this is for the best.

What would happen if he hadn't gotten arrested?

What would have happened to me?

I think...

Kenny saved my life

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Trent's gone...

He got shipped off to juvenile hall from the hospital this morning. He's back in Arizona. All of his stuff is still here.

His cigarettes
His clothes
His cologne


In this room

Is Trent

i still expect him to walk into my room and give me that cool, sexy smirk and start to unbutton his shirt and slowly walk over to me only to throw me back on the bed and ravish me until the sun starts to rise.

it hurts, i miss him

I guess now I can actually eat...but I still don't feel like it.


If it weren't for him...

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I got the part. Finals are next week. Not really all that worried about them. Doing work for two people has really sort of been a studious experience. Trent, on the other hand, might not be so lucky ~_~

210. I'm normal looking. I think...I'm going to try eating dinner tonight.

Bebe, we still have to go out for ice cream.

I went out the other day and picked up a copy of Silent Hill 0rigins. S'a good game and I've managed to coerce Trent into watching me play it. Not that it takes as much convincing as it did the first time around. He likes to come up behind me and whisper shit in my ear when I start getting into the game. He's a bastard.

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Just a little something I forgot to mention
I tried out for Tom Collins.

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Hey Tweek


I only bitch about him when he's not around >_>
God dammit Trent, you and your fucking Nine Inch Nails, getting tired of this shit.

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Bawwww school >:E

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Mothers Day, what fun~ &hearts

Pretty much pampered mom all day. Cooked breakfast for her and such, and even Trent joined in, which was a huge fucking shock considering how he feels about mom.

We all sat down and watched Legally Blonde, it being one of her favourite movies. I...enjoyed it. Shockingly enough, despite it being a chick flick. If I wasn't so into photography, I might look into becoming a lawyer.

Don't any of you fuck-heads laugh at me.

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Kenny came back yesterday

For the first time in my life, I hadn't known that he was dead. Apparently he was dead for a long, long time.


both of our necklaces are around his neck still

I told everyone what he did




And then I walked away

And left him there to fend for himself

So everyone could see his sin and I could gain retribution


what did you feel when you gained yours?

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-This Morning-

Me: Hey Mom

Her: Good morning, Eric, dear! Breakfast is almost ready if you and your little friend want to eat.

Me: Uhm, I'm not rly hungry, and Trent is content with a bagel. But thanks, mom. I'll tell him.

Her: Oh, alrighty then.

Me: -goes about making Trent's breakfast-

Her: You know, sweetie. I rarely ever see that attractive friend of yours. He can come downstairs out of your room.

Me: -bites lip- Yeah, okay, mom. I'll uh, be sure to tell him that. Shall I tell him he can walk around shirtless, too?

Her: Hmm...-stares off into space-

Me: Mom, the eggs are done.

Her: -back to reality- oh!

Me: -giggles and brings Trent's breakfast upstairs-



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