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Even with the coming out of Bebe and mine's relationship, things have been pretty dull.

I figured more people would be like SHOCK GASP WHOA. But most people have been like, yeah saw that coming a mile away.

Were we that obvious? I guess it just goes to show you how far up her own vagina Wendy's head was shoved, but, whatever. It's still nice to be able to open up with this shit. I don't have to hide it anymore. I like to think people respect me for manning up and accepting the fact that, yeah, I knocked Bebe up. And I'm sticking by her. I suppose it's a move that's rather uncharacteristic of my selfishness. But I love Bebe and I love Jessica. And I'm going to take care of them, even if it kills me.

Kyle, too. You're uncle Kyle, you dirty Jew. All of you guys are uncles. I'm seriously.

School is going alright, and work is normal. I love my job, and if it weren't for the fact that I could make more by finishing up with high school just as I finish my apprenticeship, then I would drop out. But, bossman says that I could make like, 500$ more a week if I finish high school, plus another 300$ for my apprenticeship. That's good fucking money. And I have a family to take care of.

Speaking of work. Back to it.

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