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[Hey Jess]
Wow, has it really been a year since I wrote in this thing? Fucking bizarre. I completely forgot about this. Not really surprising since I was more concerned with my pregnant girlfriend.

I still feel pretty fucking gay writing in this, but whatever. Why not? Bebe likes them, and I prefer a happy Bebe.

So, what the fuck has happened in this shockingly dull and dreary year?

Bebe moved in with me and mom. We were going to get our own place, but mom insisted. Which is good cause I can't imagine how fucking hard it would be to do this alone. I'm sure Bebs and I would have dropped out at this point. I'm sure everyone is getting the huge god damned hint by all of this to mean that we had the kid. Her name is Jessica Emily Cartman-Stevens.

Mom and Stephanie switch back and forth between babysitting duties whilst Bebe and I go to school. Bebe comes home in the afternoons and I go to work. Still an apprentice. Rob won't let be become a pro until I graduate, the fucker. 500$ a week, 300$ per client. But, due to the shitty economy, we haven't been getting as many clients. I'm scared I'm going to get the axe because of it.

And...that's about it, really. It's sort of shell shocking to realise that it's been a year and everything has been completely normal. It's weird to me. I'm so used to fucking crazy shit happening. We haven't even had Visitors around, as of late. South Park settling into a sense of normalcy?

And I still can't seem to relax. I still wake up every morning expecting the other shoe to drop again and crap to pick back up. Like Trent getting released, or the town getting invaded by demons from Silent Hill or some other bullshit like that.

Well, I gotta go bathe Jess and put her to bed while Bebe does her homework.


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